The Sugar Behind The Spice

My name is Dawn Arnold and I am originally from Goldsboro, NC.  I married and moved to Wake Forest, NC in 2009.  Most people that know me are well aware of my love for baking and being in the kitchen. I have been baking more than 25 years and I absolutely love it. What started out as a hobby and creating goody boxes at Christmas time turned into something so much more. I would give out goody boxes to some people in our community, friends and relatives. I especially loved dropping off boxes each year to some of the older people in the community who were not able to get out much. While they always made so much of my goodies I knew it was the visit that was just as special. As my passion grew over the years I decided that I would pursue baking as a legitimate side business in 2018 while I was still working as a radiation therapist at the local hospital.
You may also be wondering how in the world we got into offering healthy spice blends. In 2019, while continuing to work a full time job and with all the stresses of everyday life, I found myself over eating and making poor choices on food. After finally having enough, I joined a local weight loss and wellness program to get myself back on track. During that time, I lost weight which was AWESOME and I also discovered that there was a need in our busy world today for healthy spice blends that did not have sugar and were also low in sodium. This is when I began creating blends that could replace having so many different spices in my cabinet. Being in the medical field, I also realized that not only could people on wellness programs and special eating plans benefit from healthy spice blends but cancer patients, diabetic patients, and heart patients could benefit from a product like this too. And......of course.... we cannot leave out everyone else who is doing their best to navigate this very busy and chaotic world we live in today. At the end of 2019 we created our brand "Savory Spoon" which is a healthy line of spice blends. Our spice blends do not have sugar, MSG, preservatives, or Anti-Caking agents and are low in sodium which makes them a great option for a wide range of eating plans.
In the Spring of 2022, I left my full time medical career as a radiation therapist to live out my baking dream!   
Sugared Spoon, LLC has been proudly inspected by the North Carolina State Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug.