The Sugar Behind The Spice

Simplifying the way we cook at home.

My name is Dawn Arnold and I am originally from Goldsboro, NC. I married and moved to Wake Forest, NC in 2009. Most people that know me are well aware of my love for baking and being in the kitchen.

  • What started out as a hobby creating goody boxes that included a traditional southern snack that we call "Cheese Straws", turned into something so much more.

    We now offer a line of cheese straws and savory snacks and our products can be purchased online or in some local retail stores across North Carolina.

    You may also be wondering how in the world we got into offering healthy spice blends. Since I was known for my baking and love of being in the kitchen I found myself overindulging in all of my goodies so I joined a local weight loss and wellness program. During that time I learned to get myself back on track and how to balance my love for food. I lost weight which was AWESOME, but I also discovered that there was a need in our busy world today to simplify the way we cook at home without compromising flavor.

    At the end of 2019 we created our brand "Savory Spoon" with a mission to "Simplify Cooking At Home" with a line of spice blends that don’t have sugar or MSG, are low in sodium, and simply delicious and easy to use.

    In May of 2022, I left my career as a radiation therapist to live out my dream! Now you can find me baking cheese straws, savory snacks, blending spices and always experimenting with new flavors.